Monday, August 13, 2012

Don't Get Stranded!

Many times I see athletes stranded where there is really no reason to be.  Yes, we all have cell phones and a ride is a phone call away, but we should be more prepared and be self sufficient as cyclists.  What if your ride isn't available?  And, if in a group ride, don't rely on others if you get a flat.

What every cyclist (or triathlete) should have in a seat bag/jersey pocket/bento box:

Tube(s):  I carry 2.  Make sure the stem is long enough for your rims.  Two lightweight tubes can be squeezed into most any seat kit.

Tire levers:  Have 2, and know how to use them.

Patches:  Get some glueless patches and toss them in there.  They can be used as a patch on your last tube, or to patch up a small rip in a tire.

Tire boots:  Cut your tire?  No worries.  Put a boot between the tube and tire and you'll likely forget it's in there and go another 1000 miles.  You can either cut up an old tire and use it--a 3" strip with the tire bead cut off works best, or you can buy boots.  An energy bar wrapper works well, too.

Air:  CO2 is the choice when with a group--don't make others wait while you pump, but a small pump is good in case you run out of CO2 or if you want to save a few bucks.  I use a Genuine Innovations SecondWind--pump and CO2 inflator in one!  Carry 1 more CO2 than you have tubes.

ID:  Copies of an ID card and your medical insurance card in case it's a really bad day.  A Road ID is a better choice.  Every rider should have one of these or something similar.

$20.  You never now.  I have a Nathan VitaBand--ID, medical info, and cash all in one!

Cell Phone:  Last resort.  Or first resort on a crummy day when it's time to go home and take a nap. Put this in a Ziploc if you sweat or rain is a possibility.

Put all this in a seat bag, or a Ziploc in your back pocket, and you're ready to ride!

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cheryl said...

Have always (30= years) ridden with self-sufficiency and bring enough to lend if I see someone without!